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5 Things You Need Know Before Hiring a DJ

Knowledge is power! Here's a few tips to keep you on track & find your perfect match.

1. The best deal is not always the best quality. In every industry there are various levels of performance. Dj's are known for mixing their music. You may not have personal knowledge of how this is done but, you can pretend like you do by asking your potential DJ hire what he uses for a controller. If he can't answer that, it's because he doesnt have one! If he says he uses a laptop then you know he is not going to be matching beats but simply hitting play at the end of each song. This information should always be diclosed and seldomly is. If your'e on a tight budget and all your looking for is music with no commercials, then this could be your guy. If his personality matches yours this could be a great way to save some money.

2. High quality equipment is important. Why pay for a live perfomance if the music doesn't sound good or the micophones screeching makes you cover your ears. Ask your potential Dj hire about his equipment. He should be able to answer your questions with enthusiasm, and expertise as to why he chose his products to deliver quality sound. If he doesn't seem to have knowledge about quality audio equipment this might be a reason to pass and keep interviewing potential DJ's for hire.

3. Insurance is a must for a DJ with high quality equipment. Mobile DJ's take their equipment out on the road in all types of weather. They deal with the unknowns everytime they go. It makes sense that his equipment would be insured. If it isn't then you have to wonder why he doesn't value his valuables.

4. Where is your DJ getting his music from? If a DJ is cutting corners on obtaining his music he is breaking the law, essentially stealing it. Back in the day DJ's had all of their music on a hard drive, this is music that they purchased and have a right to play. Today things are a liitle differnt, there may be a lot of music in a hard drive but additionally DJ's use other sources such as beatsource to legally obtain music. If your DJ is playing music off of amazon he is stealing the music.

5. Backup equipment is a no brainer. Even when using the best of the best equipment, back up is imperative. Better safe then sorry and it never hurts to ask what he will be bringing for a back

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